Tolerant Youth association in cooperation with Social – educational initiatives centre PLUS implement the continuous project “Consultation and information centre PLUS”, according to the European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals, annual Programme 2013. The aim of the project – to increase opportunities for the integration of foreigners coming from non European countries, providing high quality services, ensuring counseling and information centre PLUS continuity. Project duration: July 1 of 2014- June 30 of 2015.


Project activities:

Lithuanian language courses for russian speakers and english speakers 

Civic education courses for russian speakers and english speakers 

Services of social worker

Services encouraging to participate into labour market

Legal (juridical) services

Services based on business establishment in Lithuania

Services based on migration issues

Driving courses 

Self awareness through Art Therapy 

Internet Site in Russian, English and Arab languages 


Project manager:

Inga Žilinskaitė, inga [e]